Igniting Innovation

In many places, the power grid is more than 100 years old with little change to how it's been managed since its inception. But the smart application of technologies, already validated in other sectors, such as drones, robotics and machine learning speeds the cycle time to solve critical power system problems with new, better and affordable solutions.

We are driven by our belief that the grid can become clean and unbreakable. Increasing contributions from energy storage, renewables, LNG and cleaner coal infrastructure will help to transform the power system, advancing economic and societal progress. And by reducing human exposure to the inherent safety hazards of the electricity industry, we’re increasing the resiliency and stability of the electricity system. When energy becomes an active infrastructure, it can become abundant and reshape the way we work and live. It will take less energy to produce more energy, creating a continuous cycle of new energy impact.

Enhancing Safety with Drone and Robotics

Unmanned technologies reduce the exposure of workers to the inherent hazards of the power industry while increasing the availability of all energy infrastructure assets. Our three-year-old drone program operates in 10 countries and has helped us avoid more than 15,000 hours of hazardous work through more than 3,000 flights inspecting our power plant and transmission infrastructure. Our recent partnership with Measure, a leading drones-as-a-service provider, will help us scale our program to include drones across our entire asset portfolio.

We are also developing robotic systems geared toward eliminating the need for line workers to have to service high voltage transmission lines. The use of bionic arms has the ability to prevent injuries and advance safety for thousands of workers around the world.